Blog challenged

Posted On February 25, 2006

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I am taking small steps, but beginning to get the hang of this blogging.  The next really big step is to start to comment on some other sites…need to be prepared to play with the 'big boys'  All my comments are coming through from brother, G, his blog site is Gareth Furber and has way more cool stuff than mine so-far. But I will be catching up G…

Also, worked out the smiley face, an image is all that is needed hey icon_smile.gif 


Linking to other blog sites

Posted On February 22, 2006

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OK – so now that I have the linking images under control, time to work out how to link to another blog site.  Not quite sure how to do this, so will try a few things out

ok – feel free to jump in anyone!!…and while we are at it..what is a trackback? and more importantly how do you get those little smiley faces into a blog?


Posted On February 19, 2006

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So, can a blog contain an image? – testing this out with a photo from a night of viewing Fireworks, at Adelaide’s Skyshow…Ummm..still working out how to do it.

OK – with thanks to G – I think I have it now – welcome to Skyshow



Learning about Blogging

Posted On February 18, 2006

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This is my very first blog!!  I am currently on a mission, to learn more about the world of the web and am starting with the blogging community and learning about who and what is our there in this world.  Join me, on my journey as I explore, experiment, learn and evolve my very own site