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Posted On February 22, 2006

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OK – so now that I have the linking images under control, time to work out how to link to another blog site.  Not quite sure how to do this, so will try a few things out

ok – feel free to jump in anyone!!…and while we are at it..what is a trackback? and more importantly how do you get those little smiley faces into a blog?


One Response to “Linking to other blog sites”

  1. Gareth

    definition of trackback

    TrackBack is a system implemented by Movable Type and later adopted by many blogging tools, including TypePad, BoastMachine, WordPress, and Nucleus, that allows a blogger to see who has seen the original post and has written another entry concerning it. The system works by sending a ‘ping’ between the blogs, and therefore providing the alert. (courtesy of wikipedia)

    With regards to the link – highlight the section of your post that you want to turn into a link, click the icon that looks like a sideways figure-8 – fill in the URL complete with http://etc etc
    and click “insert”

    Hope that helps

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