What The!

Posted On March 28, 2006

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Well sticking to the theme of sleep deprivation…check out the following.  (from Flikr)



Interesting Fact of the Day

Posted On March 27, 2006

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The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes!!

Frankly this seems a bit unbelievable. I think that it took me about 70 minutes last night, after spending a couple of hours of research and investigation, the brain was working overtime
AND then it started raining at 4:00am in the morning and the gutters were overflowing and woke me up…again..so maybe only 7 minutes after waking up. to go back to sleep.  And then about 7 hits of the snooze button before getting up in the morning.

Probably almost time to test out whether I will fall into the ‘average’ tonight.


Posted On March 25, 2006

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One of the things that is really frustrating me at the moment, is not having a mechanism to easily remember all the passwords and pin numbers in my life.

As more and more sites require log-in and more and more accounts are created for more and more reasons, everything has a password, or a pin, or your mother’s maiden name!!  How on earth do you keep track of this easily (mothers’ maiden name excepted of course).  Going back to emails seems just too inefficient.

Maybe there is a Web2.0 application out there that could assist? 


Commonwealth Games

Posted On March 16, 2006

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The Commonwealth Games commenced last night with a patriotic opening ceremony.  I tried a bit of an experiment with this post, to try and display an ‘updated’ medal tally table, but unfortunately my technical skills are still lacking and I was not able to get it going….but wait…a last minute effort and…success.  Enjoy the games tally – seen 1 swimming and 1 cycling gold myself tonight..

| Commonwealth Games Review | Free Medal Table

Manager’s Tools

Posted On March 13, 2006

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My last thought of the day, before turning in for some rest. There are many tools and web applications that I am coming across in my general research, and many of these tools would assist Managers (in my opinion), to better organise, record and hopefully..therefore..manage
During my day tomorrow, I am going to think about what I am doing, that could be done better, that could, with the assistance of a web tool, be done more efficiently. Then I will set-about trying to find a product to review that will do this.

Challenging..sure..but I am up to the challenge. Stay tuned

Minti Logo

Posted On March 11, 2006

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With a couple of aims in mind, I have been searching the web this afternoon.  In search of logos, pictures, as well as doing som general interest surfing into Web2.0 development companies.

During my travels, I came across a new site, which has just launched (Australian!!).

The thing with many logos, pictures, is that they need to appeal to the senses.  So when I came across the web page and logo/brand name for a new site, I was immediately captured.  Minti has just launched a site which is providing parents the opportunity to share information.  While I am not a parent and the content of the site is not of interest, I am very interested in how this site has started up, funding, image and the process of generating interest from other web development Web2.0 bloggers/experts..I also note with much interest the comments being made on this and other sites as to what they could and should have done..very interesting to see all the feedback

If you are a parent, check it out and see what you think  www.minti.com

 Minti logo.gif

Where am I going with this

Posted On March 4, 2006

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I was thinking today, as I was exploring the web through a number of different sites, blogs and Web2.0 applications, that is is very easy to get distracted.  A blog with a purpose is an important starting point and focus, so over the coming days I am going to post some ideas for what my site can be about.  Feel free to comment on any that sound interesting (or not so interesting)

1. I like blogs with images.  Despite the download challenges they can sometimes pose, I think they add a certain element of interest.  Soo..what about a blog that investigates and finds interesting images, logos or photos and makes comments on them (sound interesting)

2. A diary blog, not so much about what I have had for breakfast everyday, but what have I learnt in a day, in a week.  What new information or people have come along to give me something new or challenging to take on board for the future.

I will keep the ideas coming and then pick the best one.  Of course I will take into account the hundreds of comments which are likely to come my way!!  Bye for now