Where am I going with this

Posted On March 4, 2006

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I was thinking today, as I was exploring the web through a number of different sites, blogs and Web2.0 applications, that is is very easy to get distracted.  A blog with a purpose is an important starting point and focus, so over the coming days I am going to post some ideas for what my site can be about.  Feel free to comment on any that sound interesting (or not so interesting)

1. I like blogs with images.  Despite the download challenges they can sometimes pose, I think they add a certain element of interest.  Soo..what about a blog that investigates and finds interesting images, logos or photos and makes comments on them (sound interesting)

2. A diary blog, not so much about what I have had for breakfast everyday, but what have I learnt in a day, in a week.  What new information or people have come along to give me something new or challenging to take on board for the future.

I will keep the ideas coming and then pick the best one.  Of course I will take into account the hundreds of comments which are likely to come my way!!  Bye for now 



One Response to “Where am I going with this”

  1. Gareth

    I like the idea of the images blog. “Logos of web2.0” – a detailed examination of graphic design in the new web bubble.

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