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Posted On March 11, 2006

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With a couple of aims in mind, I have been searching the web this afternoon.  In search of logos, pictures, as well as doing som general interest surfing into Web2.0 development companies.

During my travels, I came across a new site, which has just launched (Australian!!).

The thing with many logos, pictures, is that they need to appeal to the senses.  So when I came across the web page and logo/brand name for a new site, I was immediately captured.  Minti has just launched a site which is providing parents the opportunity to share information.  While I am not a parent and the content of the site is not of interest, I am very interested in how this site has started up, funding, image and the process of generating interest from other web development Web2.0 bloggers/experts..I also note with much interest the comments being made on this and other sites as to what they could and should have done..very interesting to see all the feedback

If you are a parent, check it out and see what you think

 Minti logo.gif


One Response to “Minti Logo”

  1. Clay Cook - Minti

    Hi Susan
    Glad to see you like the logo and branding of Minti 🙂
    Clay Cook – Minti CEO & Co-Founder

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