Posted On March 25, 2006

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One of the things that is really frustrating me at the moment, is not having a mechanism to easily remember all the passwords and pin numbers in my life.

As more and more sites require log-in and more and more accounts are created for more and more reasons, everything has a password, or a pin, or your mother’s maiden name!!  How on earth do you keep track of this easily (mothers’ maiden name excepted of course).  Going back to emails seems just too inefficient.

Maybe there is a Web2.0 application out there that could assist? 



One Response to “Passwords..Pins..Pain”

  1. Gareth

    search under password manager in google and you will find many options. I tried roboform which was great until they asked me to pay them and stopped automatically entering my passwords. If I get some cash, I might consider sending some their way, fill their pocket, and let me back into my online life!

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