Posted On April 7, 2006

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I have been having a look at an interesting site tonight.   is a collaborative writing project, which is building a large 'how-to' project with user contributions.  From Posts such as 'How To Drink more Water everyday' and 'How to Quit Caffeine', to the more bizarre like 'How to Pick a Pet Tarantula'.

A couple of interesting tips for you from 'How to Exercise While Sitting at your Computer'.

  1. Take advantage of the downtime created by rebooting or large file downloads to get up and try something more ambitious such as doing a few push-ups, sit-ups, and/or jumping jacks. Beware of your snickering co-workers though.
  2. Acquire a hand gripper. They are cheap, small and light. When you have to read something either on the screen or on paper, you probably won't be using your hands very often so squeeze your gripper. It is an excellent forearm workout.

I might need to try some of these tips – should probably start with how to give up coffee, chocolate, cola drinks and see where that goes as well!

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