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Posted On April 20, 2006

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I'm Excited!!

Received the first 4 movies from Bigpond Movies.  I have joined up for a 1 month free trial.  You just need to join up with Big Pond Movies and then make some movies selections.  Within 2 days (very impressed) they send out the DVDs in a reply paid package.  When you return them, then you get another.

Have put in a few reservations as well as a buffer of new movie selection.

For this weekend, we have King Kong, Harry Potter and Batman.  No real culture in there, going for the entertainment value only for the first few.  If you come across any good movies, or anything you think is worth a look, drop me a line, cause I will be doing regular movie preview for those who are interested..

PS – the service costs after the first month trial, but different plans are available at very reasonable prices


3 Responses to “Big Pond Movies”

  1. Sue

    I have recently had a spate of film watching – due to wisdom teeth extraction….

    Hotel Rwanda – very awe inspiring and quite amazing true story, set in Rwanda during the conflict – well worth it.

    Constant Gardener – another African film that was both creatively filmed, and thought provoking…and for a little light relief Captain Pantoja and the Special Services – a Peruvian comedy, subtitled but very amusing and a little bit different!


    What was King Kong like?

  2. Susan

    Cool – thanks for the suggestions
    King King was v good. I had seen it at the cinema previously, but there is nothing quite like a hug ape fighting dinosaurs and great shots of NY. Need a good 3 hrs spare though, it is long one..hope the wisdom teeth are getting better 🙂

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