Anzac Day

Posted On April 25, 2006

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Until today, I had never been to an Anzac Day Dawn service.  Many a year I have thought about it, but to be honest the 'dawn' part has always been a bit of a turn-off.  This year, I was contemplating it again, with a local service at the beach at Brighton where I live.  I knew there was a chance I was going to bail again, but driving home last night from the gym I was listening to a pre-football match service (believe it or not).  The message was sacrifice, those who gave their lives for their country and made the ultimate sacrifice.  I could not believe that I had missed this experience for the sake of sacrificing a few extra hours sleep..

So, up early this morning, I attended my first Dawn Service at the Brighton War Memorial.  There were lots and lots of peope, bagpipes, songs, lest we forget and the amazing colours of the sky as the dark turned to light.  I couldn't really see much of the speakers, but I could soak it all up non-the-less.  I could feel the energy, the saddness and it sounds really unusual for me, but the 'spirituality' of the moment.

Following the service, I took a walk down at the beach as it was only moments away.  Part-way up there was a lone dolphin coming in and out from shore.  Just that bit far ahead of me that I couldn't quite photograph it, but always a mood lifter just to see them cruising along.  This one was playing games I am sure, with surges of motion.  Finished my morning off with some eggs and tomato on toast at a beach cafe, all before 9 in the morning.  What a great start to the day.


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