Auction..and sold

Posted On April 29, 2006

Filed under General Interest

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As I was walking back from my coffee and walk at the beach this morning, I ventured past an Auction in-progress.  It was for a site of land only (no buildings) and so out of interest I decided to stay.  There is something strangely powerful about an auction and I was very careful to keep my hands to my side and not say anything just in-case.  Initially I thought no one was going to bid at all and the auctioneer commenced with a vendor bid to get things going.

Going once, twice and three times before a proper bid was put in.  Then a couple of people bidded against each other for about 5 minutes.  The bidding was interesting when the train went past and you couldn't hear what the auctioneer was actually saying for a few minutes!!

Land sold, $392,000

People do like the beach and where I am currently renting is really prime real estate with public transport, beach and shops close by.  Wish I had $392K cash to spare 🙂


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