Survivor – The Ultimate Reality TV Show


I happened to flick over to the latest season of Survivor – Panama.  I have not followed this season at all, so I don't know any of the characters, but it got me thinking to where and when it all began (when I was totally hooked!).  Survivor was really one of the first (successful) reality TV shows.

Richard Hatch was the winner of the first survivor.  He was definitely a character, as have many who have gone through the show.  I remember reading somewhere recently that he was thrown in jail for tax evasion.  So, money really cannot buy you happiness (even a Milliion bucks).

The challenge which they were playing out when I turned over was a strength challenge, holding up a percentage of their body weight in a weight/pully system and getting dunked when they lost.  There have been some interesting challenges over the years as well…must be hard trying to come up with new ones each year.

It will be interesting to see how many more seasons of Survivor there are left?

What do you think?  Who was your favourite survivor character?  Do you still watch the show, or has the gloss gone?


The Enchanted Way

Posted On May 27, 2006

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This is an interesting (and quite different) site to explore.  Created by artist, James Torrenzano, who is an 'eco-art-therapist', it contains some interesting features, art, photos and inspirational sayings.

I am in the mode for exploring these things at the moment, and this is quite different from anything I have come across.  Check out the 'Zen Photo' section especially.

Interesting Birthday Facts

Posted On May 26, 2006

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The following site Birthday Calculator enables you to find out interest facts about yourself based on your birthday.  I can proudly advise, that I am 1,093,674,349 seconds old..well obviously this is increasing as I type, but you get the idea.  My life-path number is 11.  My birthstone is a Sapphire.  'Though not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, Sapphire is used for clear thinking', which I could use a bit of right now.

But most interesting piece of info, The moon's phase on the day I was born was 'waxing gibbous'. What the!!

You can also find out more about yourself by entering your name.  Allsorts of interesting facts awaiting you.  Try it out and see what you find.


Posted On May 25, 2006

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I have to admit I am very disappointed. I am currently watching 'Medium', a great show starting Patricia Arquette as Alison Dubois, a psychic who helps solve crimes and murders.  Tonight's episode is a special 3D episode, where certain scenes are shown in 3D.  But did I get organised in time to get some 3D glasses…no…and a last minute search through supermarkets and newsagents was not a success!!

At least I can still watch the show, but everytime those 3D glasses flash on the screen I feel like I am missing something.  Serves me right for not being organised enough.  Man I bet TV week sold out this week with the difficulty in finding those glassess..  Check out the website for further info on the show if you haven't seen it before (or even if you have)  Medium


Posted On May 24, 2006

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I have always been a lover of crystals.  The glitter and glint and the sparkle.  I have a small collection of Swarovski crystal animals and I have been lucky enough to visit the Swarovski crystal display in Switzerland about 8 years ago.  But this concept is bizzare to say the least.  Million Crystal Body.

I'm tempted, to buy a stone, but strangely I can't think of a valid reason why!


Posted On May 21, 2006

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I have been for a while now, a fan of the Dilbert comics.  I have a Dilbert calendar on my desk at work and a daily Dilbert comic comes to me each day from Dilbert site.  I find the comics are sometimes a bit too close to the truth, but from a corporate perspective it is good to be able to laugh at this stuff sometimes.

Dilbert replaced Calvin and Hobbes, when Bill Waterson decided to stop writing new entries, but these are definitely both my favourites.  Do you have a favourite comic strip?  Let me know what you enjoy and why if you want to drop me a line sometime!

Back to Reality

Posted On May 20, 2006

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I actually arrived back from the Golden Door Health Retreat last Sunday night.  One week on and I am finally back to my blogging.  The retreat was an excellent experience.  Definitely a mind, body and soul workover!  I kept a small diary while I was away, so I will post the details on my blog over the coming week so you can get more of an idea of what I have been doing. Starting with a Tai Chi session each morning at 6:15am.  Wake-up call at 5:45, walk up a hill and then a 1/2 hrs of watching the sun rise to a peaceful Tai Chi work-out. Lots of exercise, healthy food and great people.  Almost forgot to take some time for relaxation, but I did with massages, spa and swims almost every day.  But, had to come back to reality and work is certainly a challenge at the moment. More on Golden Door in the coming days and weeks, off to catch-up on all my RSS feeds and emails 🙂

Taking a break

Posted On May 5, 2006

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After a week of uncertainty, with work upheavals in-progress, I am heading off tomorrow for a week of health, fitness, relaxation and hopefully recharging.  I am treating myself to 7 nights at Golden Door Health Retreat.

The rest of May is going to be challenging times, so I am looking forward to this break for a re-charge and to have some time to think about where I am and where I am going.  Stay tuned for how my journey unfolds.  Seeya in a week or so 🙂

Back to Badminton

Posted On May 1, 2006

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After a 6 month hiatus, I am back to playing badminton tomorrow night.  I play through Life Be In It.  A round robin doubles competition gives the chance to play different teams and improve your skills along the way.  I am no doubt going to be pretty average tommorrow night, but looking forward to getting back into playing again.

PS – note that LifeBeInIt is celebrating 30 years!!  Some may remember 'Norm' from the advertising campaigns.norm_anniversary.png