Posted On May 25, 2006

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I have to admit I am very disappointed. I am currently watching 'Medium', a great show starting Patricia Arquette as Alison Dubois, a psychic who helps solve crimes and murders.  Tonight's episode is a special 3D episode, where certain scenes are shown in 3D.  But did I get organised in time to get some 3D glasses…no…and a last minute search through supermarkets and newsagents was not a success!!

At least I can still watch the show, but everytime those 3D glasses flash on the screen I feel like I am missing something.  Serves me right for not being organised enough.  Man I bet TV week sold out this week with the difficulty in finding those glassess..  Check out the website for further info on the show if you haven't seen it before (or even if you have)  Medium


3 Responses to “Medium”

  1. M&D

    Warning – grammar queen on warpath!! Please check spelling of “disappointed” & “glasses” before she finds you!!!

  2. susanfurber

    deliberate mistakes, of course, just to check you were reading 🙂

  3. M&D


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