Survivor – The Ultimate Reality TV Show


I happened to flick over to the latest season of Survivor – Panama.  I have not followed this season at all, so I don't know any of the characters, but it got me thinking to where and when it all began (when I was totally hooked!).  Survivor was really one of the first (successful) reality TV shows.

Richard Hatch was the winner of the first survivor.  He was definitely a character, as have many who have gone through the show.  I remember reading somewhere recently that he was thrown in jail for tax evasion.  So, money really cannot buy you happiness (even a Milliion bucks).

The challenge which they were playing out when I turned over was a strength challenge, holding up a percentage of their body weight in a weight/pully system and getting dunked when they lost.  There have been some interesting challenges over the years as well…must be hard trying to come up with new ones each year.

It will be interesting to see how many more seasons of Survivor there are left?

What do you think?  Who was your favourite survivor character?  Do you still watch the show, or has the gloss gone?

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