Dust Art

Posted On June 30, 2006

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When you have finished watching the grass grow, you might like to check out the Dust Art.  Art made from the dust on rear windscreens of cars…Amazing..but true 🙂


As interesting as

Posted On June 28, 2006

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Here is a site which is as interesting as watching grass grow…literally

Golden Door – Day 4

Posted On June 25, 2006

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Day 4 – Wednesday 10th May

Another busy day at GD.  Started with Tai Chi at 6:15.  Have made it to all sessions so far.  Then got an opportunity to try Deep Water Running class, which was great fun, before breakfast.  Tried a new breakfast of porridge with stewed fruit (yumo).  Did a seminar on stress management followed by a cooking class where we got to try the recipes.  Continued by quest of trying seafood by having a prawn cake from the cooking class!  Did 30mins cardio at the gym followed by a very nice lunch (wraps with salad, egg, avocado) and some roast potatoes.  Then did a Texas Two Step dance class, Spinning class (bikes – very tiring) and finished with a massage at 4.

After dinner tonight we had a lecture on the flora and fauna of GD by David, one of the project coordinators.  He is a very funny guy, great presenter and so the lecture was very entertaining.

Mid-way through the week and feeling pretty good.  Tried lots of new things..Bit sore after the bike class though, so might have to swap bike for a swim tomorrow.  Seeya then. Gdnight.

There’s a mouse in the house

Posted On June 24, 2006

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We have been trying to catch one (or more) pesky mice that have taken up residence in the unit unfortunately.  They are very elusive (apart from a few fleeting sightings) and are so far avoiding all traps and bait.

The latest temptation is a half a grape and some bread soaked in vanilla.  While I would like to get rid of them, I am not really looking forward to facing captured mouse first thing in the morning!!

Have the airfreshner and traps and baits all set-up in the kitchen.  Not much room for cooking at the moment.


National Geographic

Posted On June 21, 2006

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Keeping with the theme of weather, check out this great photo from the National Geographic site.  Known in the weather world as a circumhorizontal arc, the National Geographic site describes this 'rainbow effect' as light passing through wispy, high altitude cirrus clouds.

I will need to put the National Geographic site on my RSS I reckon.

Night Photography

Posted On June 19, 2006

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I absolutely LOVE night photography. Have always wanted to be able to take great night shots. Love the colours and the lights. Check out some great shots on ueba

Golden Door – Day 3

Posted On June 19, 2006

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Day 3 – Tuesday 9th May 

A recap on Day3.  Started the day with Tai Chi and gentle bush walk, followed by a Stretch Class.  Then spent about 45mins in the gym, had a shower and got changed.  Went to a seminar on Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Cancer, followed by a personalised session of Feldenkreis (footnote – received an email from the FK tutor yesterday and have ordered one of his Box CD sets).  brad was very interesting.  He took the Breath for Life session the other night and is one of the most focused and relaxed people I can remember meeting.  They pick good staff at Golden Door.

Attended a Women's Health seminar followed by an excellent facial to cleanse and revitalise.  More treatments to come – wish I had taken a photo of the Spa Room (too many people walking around with towels for that to be reasonable)

Pilates, Feldenkreis and then a Salsa Dance Class after dinner.  The dance class was fun.  Lots of mixture of body, mind and soul today.  Learnt a lot about health issues today.  The registered nurse (Shirley) took these sessions.  She is from Texas, great accent and while initially I didn't warm to her, she was a very interesting speaker and a great presenter.  Aiming to do a few things in the next couple of days that I haven't managed to fit in and hopes of tackling the big hill..although hamstrings and calf muscles may have other ideas.

Golden Door – Day 2

Posted On June 18, 2006

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Day 2 – Monday 8th May 

Day 2 was a big one, with lots of activities.  Wake-up call at 5:45.  Tai Chi looking out to the sunrise (photos in Flikr), bushwalk (calf muscles struggled), breakfast, stretch class, dietician lecture, swedish massage (with Michael – very chilled out guy), lunch, gym session, meditation, kung fu (was worried by hand was going to get broken, psycho teacher) and then a Feldenkrais introduction session with Brad.  I also booked myself a one-on-one session to check out my ongoing leg strain issue!, dinner, breathe for life lecture.

Booked self in for a Reiki session after finding a bit about it from the massage therapist.

Overall it was a great mixture of sessions.  Was pretty hungry on Day 2, but not really missing coffee or alchohol too much.  Discovered and tried a lot of new things today.

One of the ladies I met on the retreat confided with me that she was 8 weeks pregnant, still coming to terms with it all. She asked the registered nurse about eating soft cheeses and the nurse indicated she had never heard of this being an issue! – interesting.

Funny thing about the early starts, they have to be matched with early nights, so at 9:13 I was saying goodnight! – no TV to keep you up, too tired after being on the go all day.. 


Posted On June 14, 2006

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My Personal Trainer is a beagle nut.  She has 4 of them and they are treated like royalty.  She sent me through a photo on the phone tonight..cutey.

John Cleese

Posted On June 13, 2006

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Breaking News on the Movie Blog is that John Cleese is set to retire!  I recently came across reruns of the classic Fawlty Towers the other day, excellent comedy, ages well.  He has also starred in many movies, including A Fish Called Wanda and of course Monty Python.  He is set to write , so I guess it is semi-retirement..

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