Golden Door – Day1

Posted On June 4, 2006

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As promised, here is the first of a number of posts, reliving my Golden Door Experience.  Hope you enjoy.  It will be good to remember some of the things I did.  These posts come from a diary that I kept of the visit

Day 1 – Sunday 7th May

Arrived at the Golden Door Health Retreat at around 11:00am after getting a taxi up from Coolongata.  Got shown to my chalet by buggy (luggage fell off the back..good start) and then met up with all the other guests for lunch.  Food was nice, all vegetarian which will be a challenge.

Our afternoon was spent with an orientation walk around the property (see photos in Flickr for some of the property, including the Dining Room), then a health assessment and a 30min bushwalk.  Time to ourselves before mocktails and dinner.  They have heaps of activities ranging from personal training to massage, to counselling sessions.

I have booked a naturopath consulation, but the rest I will wait and see as there are a lot of activities during the day as well.  The early starts are going to be interesting – 5:45am for Tai Chi then a walk before breakfast.  It is sooo quiet. I am in chalet 7A, which is up a bit of a hill but not as bad as number 20!  I am very glad that I detoxed a bit last week from caffeine and alcohol.

I think this is going to be a good week, also pretty tough.  Plenty of time to sit and contemplate without a TV anyway.


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