Golden Door – Day 2

Posted On June 18, 2006

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Day 2 – Monday 8th May 

Day 2 was a big one, with lots of activities.  Wake-up call at 5:45.  Tai Chi looking out to the sunrise (photos in Flikr), bushwalk (calf muscles struggled), breakfast, stretch class, dietician lecture, swedish massage (with Michael – very chilled out guy), lunch, gym session, meditation, kung fu (was worried by hand was going to get broken, psycho teacher) and then a Feldenkrais introduction session with Brad.  I also booked myself a one-on-one session to check out my ongoing leg strain issue!, dinner, breathe for life lecture.

Booked self in for a Reiki session after finding a bit about it from the massage therapist.

Overall it was a great mixture of sessions.  Was pretty hungry on Day 2, but not really missing coffee or alchohol too much.  Discovered and tried a lot of new things today.

One of the ladies I met on the retreat confided with me that she was 8 weeks pregnant, still coming to terms with it all. She asked the registered nurse about eating soft cheeses and the nurse indicated she had never heard of this being an issue! – interesting.

Funny thing about the early starts, they have to be matched with early nights, so at 9:13 I was saying goodnight! – no TV to keep you up, too tired after being on the go all day.. 


One Response to “Golden Door – Day 2”

  1. M&D

    Blimey, sounds like hard work to me!!

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