Golden Door – Day 3

Posted On June 19, 2006

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Day 3 – Tuesday 9th May 

A recap on Day3.  Started the day with Tai Chi and gentle bush walk, followed by a Stretch Class.  Then spent about 45mins in the gym, had a shower and got changed.  Went to a seminar on Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Cancer, followed by a personalised session of Feldenkreis (footnote – received an email from the FK tutor yesterday and have ordered one of his Box CD sets).  brad was very interesting.  He took the Breath for Life session the other night and is one of the most focused and relaxed people I can remember meeting.  They pick good staff at Golden Door.

Attended a Women's Health seminar followed by an excellent facial to cleanse and revitalise.  More treatments to come – wish I had taken a photo of the Spa Room (too many people walking around with towels for that to be reasonable)

Pilates, Feldenkreis and then a Salsa Dance Class after dinner.  The dance class was fun.  Lots of mixture of body, mind and soul today.  Learnt a lot about health issues today.  The registered nurse (Shirley) took these sessions.  She is from Texas, great accent and while initially I didn't warm to her, she was a very interesting speaker and a great presenter.  Aiming to do a few things in the next couple of days that I haven't managed to fit in and hopes of tackling the big hill..although hamstrings and calf muscles may have other ideas.


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