Arnotts Bush Biscuits

Posted On August 5, 2006

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The web sites and responses say they are no longer made and they are even for sale on Ebay!

I stumbled across Arnotts Bush Biscuits today. A great childhood memory is the old Bush Biscuit.  Not sure if they are around for good again, as apparently they did not get enough sales.  I will enjoy them while I can.

UPDATE – Yes they are back..see here…but they may not remain if they don’t get supported.  Support the Bush Biscuit guys and girls.  I have bought my 2 packets this weekend 🙂


12 Responses to “Arnotts Bush Biscuits”

  1. JImbobb

    YES the good ol’ bushies BEST INVENTION EVER

  2. carlien vandenakker

    Recently released again in our Foodland store, please release these again as they are most popular in South Australia and with relatives living overseas and in other parts of Aust. we would like to be able to send them packets of the long stand and most memorable biscuits in Aust., they are an ICON, without a doubt.

    Thank you. Carlien Vandenakker

  3. Trevor Barr

    Keep them on the shelves so that we can get some…better still, send them to the other states of Australia so that we can all enjoy them (again, ex South Aussie) Also send the YoYo’s interstate so that SA people can educate other Australians that a YoYo does not have to be sandwiched with cream and jam in the middle but can be a single biscuit.
    We need our kids to be able to experience a bit of history….bring back the bushie!!

  4. Andrew

    I remember the Bush way back when I was a kid in Corowa. Since then I have always wanted to go back and enjoy them again. But in Sydney today – we dont even see them re-released in stores! I wish they were available. And also I saw the Yo Yo for the first time in a Uluru supermarket. So I bought 4 packets. People thought I was crazy – but they are so nice. Why dont they sell them in Sydney 😦

  5. Olivia Barrie

    I had never seen these apparently “Famous” BUSH biscuits and discovered them on the IGA shelves here in the Barossa Valley – Being Victorian, I am bewlidered as to why SA has these oddities…why do we call Ritz biscuits Jatz here in SA?? Anyway, mystery got the better of my wallet and I bought a packet – strange little bricks of not-quite-a-Marie-Biscuit…not sure if they’ll last the distance really.

  6. Phil Thompson

    I am an ex-pat Sth Aussie living in the UK since 1987 and found myself discussing childhood treats with my pommie workmates. They brought up wagon wheels and how much smaller they are now, and I found myself talking about the good old “Bushie” and how just one in your lunch box could keep you going for a week! Ah memories…
    I’m off to the Aussie online shop to buy a box of memories………
    BBQ Shapes, Violet Crumbles, Fantales, Twisties and Jatz crackers (not Ritz) here I come!

  7. Lynda (nee Upton)

    I lived in South Australia in the 1960’s and remember the Bush biscuits. Delicious! I wondered if they were still around; so thanks for the info. You could buy them at school for lunch (in the brown paper bags – do they still have the bags at school now?) You could have them plain, with butter, or with cheese on (at various prices). At recess, we could also buy malted milk biscuits – these were also delicious – I’ve tried malted milk since, but none match the ones at school. It’s funny what you miss when you live in another country – I miss jaffa chocolates from Daryl Lea’s too.

  8. Matt Jones

    I’m in Port Moresby right now and snacking on a Bush Buscuit, they are popular in New Guinea.

  9. Margriet (Maggie) Hendriksen

    Anyone remember the Government supplied bush biscuits, that were distributed by clinics in indigenous communities at critical times, like after a cyclone, in the 70s and 80s? They seemed to be full of milk powder and were made to combat hunger and provide basic nutrients. They were nice dunked in tea. Kids liked them as well.

  10. Diane

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me if the old Bush biscuit is still available?
    I used to live in S.A. and was really fond of the large Biccie!

  11. Lorraine

    No surprise that the Bush biscuit is no longer on the shelves. The goody too shoes out there saying that they are bad for the kids, well I’m 60 and a big kid at heart. So please bring back the Bush biscuit because I’m not alone wanting them.

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