Blogging from cafe land

Posted On February 10, 2007

Filed under General Interest

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I do love my PC Mobile card, it gives me so much flexibility.  I am currently sitting at a local shopping centre in one of the cafes, waiting for my car to have about $900 worth of things fixed.. so I really don’t want to go shopping, so I am having a coffee and typing a blog entry instead!  Too cool!!

BTW – I never realised what a strange looking piece of equipment a wood fire oven is.  A hug yellow cabin, which pizzas come out of smelling pretty yummy (even though it is only 10:30).  Anyway, coffee is nearly finished and battery power does have its limitations. so I will write again later.

PS – I am trying to contain my excitement here, but Cagney and Lacey creator Barney Rosensweig has created a Cagney and Lacey website for the 25 year anniversary of the show.  I am playing it cool at the moment..but stay tuned, post to come on it for sure :0)

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