Skipping Song

Posted On March 31, 2007

Filed under General Interest

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I just picked up my skipping rope from the back of the door, and for some bizzaro reason, an old skipping song just came into my head

Not last night but the night before

24 robbers came knocking at the door

I went out…. to let them in

And this is what they said to me

Spanish lady turn around

Spanish lady touch the ground

Spanish lady do the high kick

Spanish lady do the splits

How bizarre, obviously the different bits of the song were certain skipping requirements (although the splits might have been a challenge), and this was one of those songs where you had 2 people turning the skipping rope and one person skipping.  I have no idea where that came from…what a strange song! 

 Japanese Cherry Blossoms 

UPDATE – 14/4 – I am not the only (crazy?)person to write on skipping songs.  And I was pretty close with the words..quite impressed.

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