Posted On April 25, 2007

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My new job (6 month contract) takes me into the City of Adelaide every day.  So that I counter all the coffees, I am trying to take a walk every day and explore a new part of the city.  Yesterday I ventured to the Central Market (great place, will return for another visit) and my purchase was some Halva.  I am reliably informed this is pronounced Halvah (with the emphasis on the a).  I saw a couple of my friends purchase this over their lent period (when meat and dairy are not allowed) and wanted to try it.  It is very sweet and crumbly but very nice.  I found a bit of info on-line which may explain more about this dessert..


3 Responses to “Halva”

  1. M&D

    Hi Susan

    Good to hear you are getting out and about in the city. When working in the city I used to enjoy my lunchtimes in the same way.

    Re this Halva(h)- is it a dessert type of thing? Eaten on its own like chocolate or with a sauce? Sound interesting. Must take a look next time I visit the market.


  2. Susan

    Yep – it is a dessert, eaten on it’s own or can be included in various recipes (eg halva icecream!). They have plain, chocolate, pistachio nut, so a few different flavours available.
    A nice end of dinner treat along with the cheese and biscuits I reckon. I’ll get some for the Marino meal in a few week’s time!

  3. M&D

    Look forward to that.

    If you visit the Glow cafe on one of your lunchtime jaunts let me know what you think of their low fat offerings.

    At the moment the coffee shop in the Adelaide Arcade nearest to the Mall is the ‘in-place’for us.

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