What the?

Posted On June 16, 2007

Filed under General Interest

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Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of funeral companies advertising on TV lately.  I find this a little strange.   Plus I just watched the same advert twice within the space of a few minutes. Sometimes I really dislike TV advertising!


One Response to “What the?”

  1. M&D

    yes, I think you’re right – they seem to start at about 5pm when we are having our tea.. there is a very creepy lady comes on and says she does it all (actually shows her in overalls and rubber gloves) – I have threatened to haunt you know who if he hands me over to her!!! (She has recently changed her advert to something more appealing, but I am not convinced!!)
    There are a number of others, sensible ones, sensitive ones, ones with black horses and carriage – don’t they know we watch TV to escape worries & stress?

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