Happy Birthday to Me :0)

Posted On September 30, 2007

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Yesterday was my 36th Birthday.  I had a quiet day of celebrations due to a number of factors (avoiding Grand Final AFL celebration locations, ongoing illness), but it was still a very nice relaxing chilled out day.

Thankyou very much to my readers (ie family) for all my great gifts – ranging from cool ‘bear paw like’ slippers (I’ll have to post a photo, they are great.. and really warm), through to Versace (indulgent) hand lotion and perfume and some great travel books for my plans for next year (more posting on this to come in the future).

I also have a Cagney and Lacey book on-way, and some cash to book myself into a Dolphin swim when the summer weather gets here.  Very spoilt..

I also, have not 1, but 2 birthday cakes. Mmmmm. yum.  The weight loss will be on-hold this weekend I feel :0)

It was a very good day, and I feel it is a bit of a turning point, start of a new direction for me – I hope 36 will be an exciting age!

 Birthday Banner Cake 


The Daily Meditation

Posted On September 30, 2007

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This site I have been receiving via email daily for about 12 months now.  It has some great motiviational paragraphs, like this.  Good to have some daily motivation for when things get frustrating, confusing, annoying (any of the ing words).

Learning about cooking

Posted On September 24, 2007

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There are a lot of cooking shows on day-time TV.  I like the Ready, Steady, Cook show where they have 5 ingredients and have to prepare 3 courses in 20 mins.  It is amazing what they come up with with a bit of fish, beetroot leaves and plums!

I think I should learn how to cook – maybe WEA has a cooking course I could do…Mmm some pancakes would be nice..


Baby Ele

Posted On September 22, 2007

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A collegue at work sent me this great picture.  Don’t you just love the ele!

Smiley :-)

Posted On September 19, 2007

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Bet you didn’t know it is the smiley’s birthday!

Sick again!

Posted On September 18, 2007

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Well, 2007 has been a challenging year for staying fit and healthy 4 me.  Have come down with another bug, sore throat, headaches, aches and pains (some of them are probably from City to Bay) and tired.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping and having a day off today as well to try and shake the nasties …Lots of OJ, water and panadol is my friend

Stay healthy everyone!

 Sick In Bed 

UPDATE 24/9 – Still pretty crook, dr’s verdict was faringitis and asthma, but since I started the antibiotics, also have added a few symptoms and just feel crap.  Here’s hoping some bedrest will help get rid of this sucker!

City to Bay 2007

Posted On September 16, 2007

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Once again, I have successfully completed the City to Bay.  In a very similar time to last year (approx 2hrs), felt pretty good, although the blisters on the feet are a little more painful than last year!

There were approx 23,000 participants overall, who walked or ran either 12km, 6km or 3km.  It was quite inspiring to see some people out there giving it a go.  A bit of music and a few colourful outfits, was good morning.

Had to queue up for the tram back to the city and JUST made it on the tram before the rains came down as well!  Bit tired now, but well worth all the preparation and training.  After my blisters have calmed, I will be pounding the pavements again.

Check in again for my updated time – should be available Tuesday..

UPDATE ON TIME – 1:58:08

Just over 10mins quicker than last year AND under the 2 hour mark! – pretty happy with that hey

Quote of the Day

Posted On September 15, 2007

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If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?
Scott Adams
US cartoonist (1957 – )


Posted On September 15, 2007

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OK – so maybe it is a little corny, I have to admit, but I thought it was pretty cute!



Posted On September 3, 2007

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Charlene the croc is guarding the entrance to my living room currently.  She is perched on the chair, protecting my books and computer.  I have tried to take a photo but she is so-far elusive!