Learning about cooking

Posted On September 24, 2007

Filed under General Interest

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There are a lot of cooking shows on day-time TV.  I like the Ready, Steady, Cook show where they have 5 ingredients and have to prepare 3 courses in 20 mins.  It is amazing what they come up with with a bit of fish, beetroot leaves and plums!

I think I should learn how to cook – maybe WEA has a cooking course I could do…Mmm some pancakes would be nice..



2 Responses to “Learning about cooking”

  1. M&D

    How about jellied ele??? Tastes awful but it sure makes a lot – ha ha (sick laughter)!!!

  2. susanfurber

    now, that’s just wrong! – I apologise to all my readers. Oh, hang on, you are my readers :0)

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